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Illusion Projects is a high acclaimed design and fabrication company, skilled in creating custom props and sets and provides their clients with a complete range of services, including design-build, project management, and delivery/ installation. Scenery Shops

About Theater Services Guide

Launched in 1999, Theater Services Guide is owned and operated by CENLYT Productions-ms designs and was created as a free service for use as a product and services directory for the entertainment industry. Why? Because as a scenic and lighting design and scene shop owner, I was tired of having to hunt down the various suppliers I needed to get the job done.

Over the years, Theater Services Guide has grown, been redesigned twice, and adapted to an ever changing internet. In August 2013, the site was redesigned to be mobile friendly and comply with all the new HTML 5 and CSS3 standards so it works as well on a mobile device as it does on a PC. With the redesign, and the drastic increase in visitors over the years, a decision was made to charge a nominal annual fee for listings.

With hundreds of listings in virtually every category imaginable, Theater Services Guild is truly the oldest, most established and only independent entertainment industry directory not associated with any publication or organization.

About CENLYT Productions-ms designs

A legally formed entity in Pennsylvania in June of 1996, CENLYT Productions-ms designs was started as a design studio and scene shop for the entertainment industry after over 20 years of independent contracting by me, the owner.

Located, at the time, at 111 Washington Avenue in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, CENLYT utilized a 24,000 sq. ft. building, had 6 full-time employees and 20 part-time employees designing and building an average of 30 shows per year for theater companies in Pittsburgh, the surrounding area, and for touring companies. In 1999, CENLYT expanded to included Internet Services such as Web Design and Web Hosting.

In 2002, the scene shop was closed when the lease expired and all assets were sold off. While still offering scene and lighting design services ( ), the emphasis has since been placed on Internet Services and CENLYT now has Internet customers from Australia to Germany, and New York to California.

In 2007, CENLYT starting taking a proactive roll in the environment launching: . confronts issues from using single-use PET plastic bottles to using canvas totes in place of paper or plastic bags. It is hoped that this, along with efforts of other organizations, will raise environmental awareness and responsibility.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the site, please feel free to Contact Me. Your input is more than welcome.

Thank you for visiting,
Marshall Seltzer, Owner
CENLYT Productions-ms designs and .

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